Village Business: Dunholme Chillies


Today we look at another local business and this time it’s Dunholme Chillies.

Dunholme Chillies was founded on the 10th of January 2016 by Jack Green.

We asked Jack where the idea for Dunholme Chillies came from:

“The initial dream shared by my father and I was to have a chilli farm in the future. But everyone has to start somewhere, and so I took on the responsibility of starting up the company and creating our first 3 sauces, Medium, Hot and Badboy. Since then we have grown from using simple address labels on our jars, to having a full modern working website.”

Can you tell us about your best selling products?

“Our top selling product is Achillies by far, it was our hottest product until recently and that’s why people love it. However it isn’t just pure heat, it also comes with a great flavour allowing you to enjoy your meal as well as feeling the heat.

We have new products like our oil, vinegar and Spitfire (released 30th June) which have received some great attention and we also think these will be great sellers for the future.”

Do you have any special offers on at the moment?

“We love promotions; we are always trying to find new, interesting ways to reward our amazing customers. Sometimes we offer rewards for reviews, sometimes just for sending in pictures of what you are cooking and growing at home. To get involved with our promotions, find us on social media, either: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

One of our current offers is 3 for £10 on all of our bottles of vinegar and oils when you buy at one of our stalls, markets and fairs.”*

Is there anything else you’d like us know about Dunholme Chillies? 

“We want to create products for the customer, instead of making products that the customers ‘might’ like. An example of this is where people wanted an even hotter product than what we currently had, so we created the Achillies. We also understand that you guys don’t always want hot products, so we created fruit vinegar for those who don’t like chilli, but want a really bold flavour.

Dunholme Chillies was also set up with very little resources and by a 16-year-old lad. So to get where we have by being a ‘1 man band’ for a year and a half is pretty good.”

How can our readers learn more about Dunholme Chillies?

“There are loads of ways you can learn more about Dunholme Chillies. Feel free to find us on social media and private message us once you’ve looked through our pages. You could come to some of our events to talk to me personally. Is there a sauce you want us to make? Is there an opportunity that could benefit us both? Finally, you could simply email me personally at, and I will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours if not before.


*Dunholme Chillies will be at the Welton Fun Day, today (Saturday 8th July) from 1PM until 5PM.

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