Welton Resident Releases Religious Song


Local resident and musician Dale Hall has released a religious song titled ‘God’s Clothes’ which he hopes will become a future hit.  We caught up with Dale for a quick interview.

How did you come up with the song?

I dreamt I was in a night club and a young crowd were waving their arms and dancing to the song.  An old friend was in the crowd, one who would usually be very critical.  He was putting his thumbs up saying this is really good.  When I woke up I sang the chorus to my wife Sharon as it had stuck in my head.

What made you decide to pursue making it a reality?

The song was just stuck in my head, it kept coming back to me every day.  For the next couple of weeks I’d wake up in the early hours and ask Sharon to write down the lyrics that kept coming into my head.  Eventually I left the computer on and went an typed the words myself to save waking her.

Some of the lyrics are quite poignant, are you a religious person?

I attended Cathedral school as a teenager so I guess you could say I have religious roots.  The song and the words that came to me have aroused my interest more.  I’ve since been attending local churches more regularly.

What do you want people to take away from the song?

Friends of mine helped me put the music to the words.  We didn’t use all the lyrics but the ones that seemed to fit most and keep coming up were about forgiveness and being true to yourself.

What is next for you?

I have another song in the pipeline, not one I’ve dreamt but it does have a religious theme.  It’s pre-titled ‘God’s Canvas’ however I’m going to see what happens with this one first.

You can preview / buy the track online through Amazon or iTunes.  Do you wear God’s Clothes?